Analysis of Developments in the Fields of Direct Investment and M&A – 2012 Report Part II: The EU, the BRICs and Other Emerging Economies

Client: EC DG Internal Market and Services
Published: November, 2012

The study looks more closely into the evolution of FDI between the EU and the BRICs, considering where the EU’s position and prospects are, both as origin and as destination for BRIC FDI. Global investment trends show that over the past 15 years the BRICs, as well as other emerging economies, have become increasingly important […]

Analysis of Developments in the Fields of Direct Investment and M&A – 2012 Report Part I: Recent Developments

Client: EC DG Internal Market and Services
Published: November, 2012

The study examines recent trends in FDI and capital movements. Overall, the recovery in world-wide FDI witnessed in 2010 continued in 2011, after the sharp decline in the period 2007-09. In 2011, the level of worldwide inward FDI reached €1.1 trillion, increasing by 10.9% from its level in 2010. However, the 2011 level is still […]

Non-bank Financial Institutions: Assessment of Their Impact on the Stability of the Financial System

Client: N/A
Published: November, 2012

The study examines how non-bank financial institutions (in particular money market funds, private equity firms, hedge funds, pension funds, insurance undertakings and central counterparties; and UCITS and ETFs) had performed over the last decade and during the financial crisis. The report addresses the risks run by each of this type of institutions (credit, counterparty, liquidity, […]

Socio-economic Impacts – Evaluation of Norwegian Space Programs (with PwC)

Client: Ministry of Trade and Industry (Norway)
Published: July, 2012

An independent socio-economic impact assessment of Norway’s participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) and National Support Funds. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) was employed based on EC impact assessment guidelines, established economic principles and international best practice (e.g. UK government HM Treasury’s Green Book). Quantified additive benefits comprise wages/salaries (income tax, value added tax, retailer sales […]

GSA Releases 2012 Sat Nav Market Report

Client: The European GNSS Agency (GSA)
Published: May, 2012

The European GNSS Agency (GSA) has published the second Global Satellite Navigation System (GNSS) Market Report. This second issue of the GSA’s annual report on the global GNSS market is based on an advanced forecasting model (the Market Monitoring and Forecasting Tool) developed and implemented by London Economics.

SKYLON Assessment Report, European Space Agency

Client: N/A
Published: May, 2011

A review of the SKYLON spaceplane by the European Space Agency (ESA) including ESA’s review of London Economics’ assessment of the future benefits of investment in the SKYLON reusable launcher for Reaction Engines.

Regulation on the Approval and Market Surveillance of Two- or Three-wheeled Vehicles and Quadricycles

Client: European Parliament
Published: February, 2012

This study is a three-part impact assessment of amendments proposed by the IMCO Committee to three measures contained in the European Commission’s proposal for a “Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheeled vehicles and quadricycles”. The first part concerns the fitting of an anti-lock braking system (ABS), the second part concerns […]