Best Practices and Performance of Auto-enrolment Mechanisms for Pension Savings – December 2021

Automatic enrolment (also referred to as auto-enrolment) is a mechanism that encourages pension saving by enrolling individuals into a pension scheme unless they actively choose to opt-out. This study identifies and evaluates 32 best practices for the design of auto-enrolment pension schemes, informed by an in-depth qualitative and quantitative assessment of pension schemes in selected […]

LE Europe Presents at OECD Workshop

November 24, 2021

LE Europe’s Dr Paula Ramada and Rhys Williams presented ongoing work to the OECD’s workshop on Regulatory Barriers to Competition in Professional Services. They discussed ongoing work for the European Commission’s DG GROW developing a theoretical framework to better understand the underlying features which may affect professional business services markets and how this can affect […]

Regulation Reform Recommendations for Professional Business Services – July 2021

As part of a larger project for the European Commission’s DG GROW, evaluating competition in the professional business services markets, LE Europe produced a range of indicators on the extent of competition and market-based outcomes to help support the Commission’s Reform Recommendations into Regulations in Professional Business Services (PBS). The range of indicators include firm […]

A Pandemic’s Worth of Change – June 2021

London Economics and Webloyalty reveal the top consumer trends formed during the pandemic which are here to stay and how behavioural economics can help your firm thrive post-pandemic.

Support Study Accompanying the Commission Notice on the Evaluation of the Definition of Relevant Market for the Purposes of Community Competition Law – June 2021

The purpose of this study was to assist the Commission in the evaluation of the functioning of the Market Definition Notice in order to assess whether developments since 1997 merit an update of the Notice. In order to support DG COMP’s evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the Market Definition Notice, the study […]

Public Policy

LE Europe delivers ground breaking research and analysis across a wide-range of public policy areas

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LE Europe delivers insight and high impact quantitative analysis of changes in financial and capital markets policy and strategy

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Competition & Antitrust

London Economics works to delivers solutions to commercial, regulatory and competition issues using our understanding and analytical strengths

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Education and Labour Markets

The Education and Labour Markets team has extensive experience of all aspects of education economics and labour market policy analysis. Our expertise is trusted by our clients, in both the public and private sector. We consider all the work that we undertake to form the basis of a long-term relationship and many of our clients return regularly for further analysis and research.

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Behavioural Economics

London Economics has established itself as a market leader across Europe in the application of experimental and behavioural economics

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London Economics delivers world-class analysis of the rapidly growing space sector to a wide variety of commercial and public customers

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Consumer Markets & Protection

Our Consumer Markets & Protection practice specialises in understanding consumer behaviour, the functioning of retail markets, and consumer related issues. We conduct studies across different consumer markets for regulators, governments, European institutions, and private sector clients.

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Data & Technology

Advances in technology are a key source of economic growth and dynamism. London Economics’ work in this area covers AI, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), High-Performance Computing, Nuclear Fusion and Advanced Materials, amongst others.

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Entrepreneurship & SMEs

SMEs make a major contribution to economic growth and employment, accounting for more than 99% of all enterprises in Europe. The London Economics SME team has extensive experience of providing evidence-based advice to private and public clients on SME issues, policies and programs, including their effectiveness and efficiency.

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International Trade & Investment

Our International Trade and Investment team analyse international trade and FDI flows and their interaction with different areas of trade policy, with a focus on customs arrangements and trade barriers.

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Regulatory Economics

London Economics has been a trusted provider of analysis, advice, and evidence to companies, regulators and governments since the early days of economic incentive regulation.

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London Economics has extensive experience in energy economics and has advised a wide range of public and private clients on energy issues for over twenty years.

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Transaction Advisory

We provide advisory services for vendors and purchasers in M&A transactions, focusing on infrastructure transactions and regulated industries. Our team of economic and financial experts advises on transaction structuring, economic and financial due diligence, transaction management, and auction design.

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