Competition & Antitrust

The LE Europe competition economics team is staffed with highly-qualified and experienced economic consultants with a proven track record of delivering high quality, pertinent research using the most widely recognised techniques in the field.

The team provides advice to public and private sector clients on:

  • Competition guidelines
  • Assessment of cartel damages and the impact of cartels and collusion Assessment of dominance and abuse of dominance
  • Assessment of barriers to entry and market power
  • Assessment of joint dominance and abuse of joint dominance
  • Market definition
  • Monopoly and merger analysis
  • Assessing the degree of competition and the potential for competition to establish in particular markets
  • The interaction between regulation and competition

LE Europe’s competition economics team is experienced in a wide range of competition economics methodologies, such as:

  • Econometric modelling of counterfactual prices
  • The SSNIP test for market definition
  • Hypothetical monopolist tests in service and product markets
  • Critical loss analysis
  • Econometric methods for market definition, including price co-integration analysis and estimation of demand and residual demand functions
  • Design of consumer surveys for market definition
  • Merger simulation techniques
  • Diversion ratio and the upward pricing pressure (UPP) test
  • Joint dominance and the Airtours criteria
  • Costs measures – in particular average avoidable costs (AAC) and long-run average incremental costs (LRAIC)
  • Behavioural economics insights applied to design of remedies in competition

Recent projects

Our expertise in competition economics is recognised and our team has been trusted at the national, international and EU level, in the public and private sector.

  • Our client list includes competition authorities such as the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the EC DG Competition. We have also worked for national authorities in a  number of other European countries. In our private sector work we have partnered with a number of law firms both based in Europe and the USA.
  • We have worked in a number of high profile international cartel damages assessment cases including marine hoses, car glass, air cargo and elevators.
  • We have provided advice, reports and expert opinions in a range of competition analysis areas to clients in both private and public sector.

Dr Paula Ramada
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Dano Meiske
Senior Economic Consultant
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Rhys Williams
Senior Economic Consultant
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