PSD II – Proposed Changes and Timetable

Client: N/A
Published: September, 2013

Presentation to UKMTA conference “International payment services – what are the opportunities and threats for business in a changing marketplace?”, 19 September 2013.

Using Behavioural and Experimental Economics to Understand Consumer Behaviour

Client: N/A
Published: August, 2013

Presentation at Copenhagen Summer University, Executive Course in Behavioural Economics and Psychology of Choice 12th – 16th August 2013 This session at the University of Copenhagen provided applied examples of behavioural experiments that have been used to inform policy development. It covers pricing practices, consumer switching and consumer understanding of contracts. The session also explored […]

Study on the Impact of Directive 2007/64/EC on Payment Services in the Internal Market and on the Application of Regulation (EC) No. 924/2009 on Cross-border Payments in the Community

Client: EC DG Internal Market and Services
Published: July, 2013

The study, undertaken with iff and PaySys, examines the effects of Directive 2007/64/EC on payment services in the internal market (PSD) and Regulation (EC) No 924/2009 on fees and charges for cross-border payments (Regulation 924) and identifies a number of potential amendments to current version of the PSD.  The report is based on four different […]

A European Single Point of Contact

Client: European Parliament
Published: July, 2013

This research study for the European Parliament discusses the features and value added of a European single point of contact. The large number of European level online services combined with an extensive range of services at national level generates complexity in identification of the most appropriate services, and in understanding their different competencies. Such complexity […]

Levelling the Playing Field in the Single Market

Client: European Parliament
Published: June, 2013

The study for the European Parliament shows that the size of the shadow economy in the EU in 2012 is estimated at approximately EUR 2.35 trillion. The shadow economy represents a threat to the Single Market, leads to substantial budgetary difficulties, puts considerable pressure on legitimate businesses, and in long run, limits the potential growth […]

Study on Means to Protect Consumers in Financial Difficulty: Personal Bankruptcy, Datio in Solutum of Mortgages, and Restrictions on Debt Collection Abusive Practices

Client: Financial Services User Group via DG Internal Market and Services
Published: April, 2013

Commissioned on behalf of the Financial Services Users Group by DG Internal Market and Services, and authored by London Economics, this report examines all formal debt reduction solutions which allow consumers to return to a financially sustainable path by eliminating some or all of their debts, including providing a comprehensive description of: the availability and […]

The Economic and Societal Benefits of Deriving from the Presence of Hyundai and Kia in Europe

Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Published: February, 2013

The study highlights the contribution of Hyundai and Kia, two of the most successful car manufacturers operating in Europe, in a number of dimensions, namely: the contribution to employment and GDP; training and development of the labour force; the contribution to European R&D and innovation; the contribution to the development of the automotive supply chain […]

Research on EU Product Labelling

Client: EC DG Energy
Published: December, 2012

This study by London Economics, Ipsos MORI and AEA investigated the possibility of creating a product label which provides consumers with information about the environmental lifecycle performance of products (televisions, washing machines and light bulbs). The information may be added to the current EU Energy Efficiency label. Pan-European behavioural experiments  were used in conjunction with […]