Publications in: Justice and Legal Affairs

Understanding Consumer Vulnerability in the EU’s Key Markets – February 2016

Sector:Justice and Legal Affairs
Published: February, 2016
Document type:Report

This study for the European Commission provides a new definition of vulnerable consumers, a new methodology for measuring consumer vulnerability and new insights into the actual patterns of consumer vulnerability. The large scale study employed stakeholder consultations, consumer surveys, focus groups and behavioural experiments across the EU28 plus Iceland and Norway

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Smart Single Market Regulation – September 2015

Sector:Regulatory economics
Client:European Parliament
Published: September, 2015
Document type:Report

This study proposes a consolidated governance system that would serve as a tool for smart Single Market regulation toward 2020 and beyond. It outlines areas for improvement in Single Market regulation through the adoption of performance-based policy concepts; and reviews the scope for making better use of the Single Market governance tools to improve the […]

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