Insolvencies and SMEs: the role of Second Chance, Special study, SME PERFORMANCE REVIEW 2015/16 – November 2016

Sector: Competition, Regulation and Business | Public Policy
Client: insolvencies-smes-role-second-chance-special-study-sme-performance-review-201516-november-2016
Document type: Report 
Tagged: analysis of economic developments EC/EEA quantitative analysis

This companion study to the 2015/15 Annual Report on SMEs provides 1) a literature review of recent studies focusing on the determinants and impacts of SME bankruptcies and the economic impact of various characteristics of a bankruptcy regime; 2) a number of case studies on the issues faced by entrepreneurs when they went bankrupt or liquidated a failing business, or when try tried to re-start a new business after bankruptcy; 3) an econometric analysis of the impact of a number of features of a bankruptcy regime on entrepreneurship and an econometric analysis of the impact of business creation on GDP and employment; and finally 4) scenario simulations examining the economic impact of reducing the discharge period to 3 years or 1 year in all Member States.