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Single Digital Gateway: How EU Could Meet Expectations of Citizens and Businesses? – March 2018

Client: european-commission
Published: March, 2018

A briefing by Dr Charlotte Duke for the European Commission on behalf of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee on the European Commission’s proposed regulation for a Single Digital Gateway.

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Consumer Vulnerability Across Key Markets in the EU: Animated Infographic – November 2016

Client: consumer-vulnerability-across-key-markets-in-the-eu-animated-infographic-november-2016
Published: November, 2016

Following the publication of LE Europes’ study into consumer vulnerability across the EU for DG Justice and Consumers, the European Commission has released an animated infographic which presents the key findings of the study, including the varying impact of vulnerability drivers across key markets.

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Understanding Consumer Vulnerability in the EU’s Key Markets – February 2016

Client: understanding-consumer-vulnerability-in-the-eus-key-markets-february-2016
Published: February, 2016

This study for the European Commission provides a new definition of vulnerable consumers, a new methodology for measuring consumer vulnerability and new insights into the actual patterns of consumer vulnerability. The large scale study employed stakeholder consultations, consumer surveys, focus groups and behavioural experiments across the EU28 plus Iceland and Norway

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Study on the Coverage, Functioning and Consumer Use of Comparison Tools and Third-party Verification Schemes for Such Tools – March 2015

Client: european-commission-executive-agengy-for-health-and-consumers-eahc
Published: March, 2015

The European Commission has published the study on consumers’ use of comparison tools. As part of the study London Economics completed a behavioural experiment in 15 EU countries that investigated consumer understanding and use comparison tools. The study forms part of the evidence base used by the Commission to develop, together with stakeholders, a series […]

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The Economic and Societal Benefits Deriving from the Presence of Hyundai and Kia in Europe (update)

Client: Hyundai Motor Company
Published: December, 2013

London Economics published updated figures on the contribution of Hyundai and Kia to the European economy. The key findings are: Almost 317,000 people owe their jobs to the presence of Hyundai and Kia in the European Union Hyundai and Kia contributed €2.1 billion in taxes and duties to European governments in 2012 The majority of […]

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