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GNSS Market Report Issue 6 – October 2019

Client: European GNSS Agency
Published: October, 2019

The GNSS market report is a comprehensive source of knowledge and information on the dynamic, global GNSS market. The report is published every two years, with the latest edition released in 2019. The report provides comprehensive, in-depth analysis of global trends, and the latest developments in terms of shipments, revenues and the installed base of […]

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Study on the Functioning of the Consumer Credit Markets in the European Union – May 2014

Client: EC DG Health and Consumers
Published: May, 2014

The study assesses the degree to which Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) fulfilled its principal objectives, namely: a) fostering an internal credit market in the EU, with a positive impact, in particular on cross­border competition; and, b) providing a high level of protection of consumers regarding consumer credits. The study focuses on the impact of the […]

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