Publications in: Regulatory economics

Smart Regulation and Professional Services – September 2017

Client: European Parliament
Published: September, 2017

This  Briefing, prepared for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament, uses the smart Single Market regulation concept to assess the development of policy for professional services regulation, specifically the European Commission Communication on reform recommendations for regulation in professional services [COM(2017)8290 final].

Smart Single Market Regulation – September 2015

Client: European Parliament
Published: September, 2015

This study proposes a consolidated governance system that would serve as a tool for smart Single Market regulation toward 2020 and beyond. It outlines areas for improvement in Single Market regulation through the adoption of performance-based policy concepts; and reviews the scope for making better use of the Single Market governance tools to improve the […]

Quality of Services and Consumers’ Needs: Recent Evidence from France

Client: LE Presentation
Published: June, 2011

19th CPDE, CRRI, Jersey, June 2011.

Study on Consumers’ Postal Practices and Socio-economic Needs in Terms of the Quality and Provision of the Priority Postal Service

Client: ARCEP and DGCIS of Ministry of Economiy, Finance and Industry
Published: June, 2011

The study focuses on the postal practices and needs of households and businesses, especially SMEs. The first part of the study examines the extent to which the postal service is important to users, the users’ knowledge of postal products, their current postal practices, their sensitivity to the time it takes for a postal product to […]

Measuring Consumer Detriment from Postal Quality-Price Misperceptions in France

Client: LE Presentation
Published: February, 2011

CCRP workshop, Aston University, Birmingham, February 2011.

The Functioning of Retail Electricity Markets in the European Union

Published: November, 2010

London Economics, in cooperation with Ipsos, IBF Consulting and CRIOC, were commissioned by the EC DG Health and Consumers (SANCO) to examine the functioning of retail electricity markets in the European Union. Based on consumer surveys, stakeholder surveys and mystery shopping exercises carried out in the 27 Member States, the study shows that, although consumers […]

Estimating the Impact of Price Regulation on Quality of Service in Post

Published: May, 2008

16th CPDE, Portugal, May 2008.

Estimation of the Net Cost of Fulfilling Universal Service Obligations in the Telecoms Sector

Published: May, 2008

This LE Economic Brief describes London Economics’ estimation of the net cost of the Universal Service Obligation in Ireland.

Modelling EU Electricity Market Competition Using the Residual Supply Index

Published: May, 2008

This LE Working Paper reports on research undertaken by LE and others for the European Commission inquiry into the state of competition in the EU’s electricity markets. It also presents new analysis on the economic foundations of the Residual Supply Index as a market structure variable.  From 2005 to 2007

Economic Impacts of Increased Flexibility and Liberalisation in European Spectrum Management

Client: A Group of European Telecom Companies
Published: April, 2008

London Economics was commissioned by a group of European communications sector companies to carry out an independent review of the available evidence examining the costs and benefits of greater flexibility in the use of radio spectrum. This report sets out the findings of that review and is based on existing studies that examine the actual […]