Work experience positions

Work experience

Work experience at LE Europe gives you an opportunity to learn about how economic analysis can be used to solve public and private sector problems.

Our work involves applying economic techniques to topical real-world issues faced by our clients in the UK, Europe and other geographies.

Who can apply

Work experience at LE Europe is intended for individuals who are coming to the end of their secondary school education and have an interest in the field of economics.

How to apply

Please see here.

About work experience

Work experience begins with an orientation of our business.

You will learn about, and contribute to, the economic analysis being conducted across one/several of our practice areas over the course of your work experience.

Work experience at our firm will give you a sense for economic analysis that you may be considering for further study and working as an economic consultant.

A work experience position lasts up to two weeks, over the period June-September.

We offer up to two work experience places a year.