What are we looking for?

Although LE Europe attracts analytical thinkers who are challenged by complex problems, successful consulting requires much more than intellectual stamina.

People who consult must genuinely care about their clients and they must truly enjoy helping others better understand and improve through economics. Because our teams often operate in uncharted – and difficult – territory, our consultants must be willing and able to take initiative and they must have a healthy tolerance for uncertainty and frustration.

LE Europe consultants must also be capable of working with people at all levels of an organisation – from the team members with whom we work on a daily basis to the leaders of those organisations whose understanding and acceptance of our recommendations are critical.

During the application process we will look at the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and appreciation of technical microeconomics
  • Ability to think and structure problems rapidly. (It’s not so much the right answer as the ability to tackle the problem that counts here.)
  • Communication skills. Clarity of thought should lead to clarity of expression.
  • Personality. Our culture is dynamic and fun and we are looking for people with the same characteristics.