Research Assistant positions

LE Europe offers Research Assistant positions on an ongoing basis. We are seeking to provide an environment where individuals can develop their potential to become professional economists. The Research Assistant positions are based in central London and offer a competitive salary for a 37.5 hour week. Research Assistant positions normally last for 6 months at a minimum and up to 12 months, and can be undertaken at any time of the year.

Individuals applying should have a strong understanding of economic theory and policy and a genuine interest in applying economics to real world situations. Candidates must have the examination results to demonstrate this. LE Europe recruits a significant number of its permanent staff at entry level through the Research Assistant programme. The work that will be undertaken by the Research Assistant will be ‘real’ project based work, which will potentially involve undertaking literature reviews, information gathering, statistics, econometrics, spreadsheet analysis and report writing.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter and short CV (with grades/transcripts) to us ([email protected]) or in the post. Alternatively, go to our website ( or follow our main page on twitter (@LE_Europe) for further updates and information.