Impact of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) on the Access to Finance for Business and Long-term Investments – November 2016

Client: impact-capital-requirements-regulation-crr-access-finance-business-long-term-investments-november-2016

The Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) considerably strengthens the quantity and quality of the minimum capital that banks in Europe are required to hold. This study assesses whether increased minimum capital requirements, through observed changes in banks’ regulatory capital ratios, impact bank lending using data on a broad sample of banks in Europe, including for the […]

Consumer Vulnerability Across Key Markets in the EU: Animated Infographic – November 2016

Client: consumer-vulnerability-across-key-markets-in-the-eu-animated-infographic-november-2016
Published: November, 2016

Following the publication of LE Europes’ study into consumer vulnerability across the EU for DG Justice and Consumers, the European Commission has released an animated infographic which presents the key findings of the study, including the varying impact of vulnerability drivers across key markets.

Understanding Consumer Vulnerability in the EU’s Key Markets – February 2016

Client: understanding-consumer-vulnerability-in-the-eus-key-markets-february-2016
Published: February, 2016

This study for the European Commission provides a new definition of vulnerable consumers, a new methodology for measuring consumer vulnerability and new insights into the actual patterns of consumer vulnerability. The large scale study employed stakeholder consultations, consumer surveys, focus groups and behavioural experiments across the EU28 plus Iceland and Norway

IPID Consumer Testing and Design Work – August 2016

Client: european-insurance-occupational-pensions-authority-eiopa
Published: August, 2016

EIOPA commissioned a consortium consisting of LE Europe, Ipsos MORI and Academy Design Partners to undertake consumer testing on the design of a standardised presentation format of an Insurance Product Information Document (IPID). The findings of the consumer testing, as presented in this report, were intended to assist EIOPA to reach a view on the […]

The Danish Space Economy 2016 – June 2016

Client: the-danish-space-economy-2016

The Danish Government commissioned London Economics and Rambøll Management Consulting to support their work to develop Denmark’s first National Space Strategy. This report was the outcome of this work. It helped bridge the gap in the government’s understanding of the downstream space sector and provided the working group on the Government’s Space Strategy the supporting […]

Reducing Costs and Barriers for Businesses in the Single Market – February 2016

Client: European Parliament
Published: February, 2016

This  study was prepared by LE Europe for European Parliament Policy Department A at the request of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. It points out that reducing business costs and regulatory and market barriers is necessary to complete the Single Market. However, monitoring of barriers and costs in the EU is piecemeal and […]

Analysis and Effects of the Different Member States’ Customs Sanctioning Systems

Client: analysis-and-effects-of-the-different-member-states-customs-sanctioning-systems

The Study provides an analysis of the effects of the present divergence of the customs sanctioning systems of the Member States of the EU, as well as of the proposal of the European Commission for a Directive to harmonise the customs infringements and sanctions. A number of conclusions and recommendations on the preferred model for […]

The Economic and Societal Benefits Deriving from the Presence of Hyundai and Kia in Europe – January 2016

Client: the-economic-and-societal-benefits-deriving-from-the-presence-of-hyundai-and-kia-in-europe-january-2016

The report finds that over 308,000 people owe their jobs to the Hyundai and Kia business operations across the continent. The workforce employed directly by Hyundai and Kia and supported by their operations in the upstream and downstream markets consists of 78,000 individuals. In addition, 230,000 European workers are employed due to demand induced by […]

The Economic and Societal Benefits Deriving from the Presence of Kia in Europe – January 2016

Client: the-economic-and-societal-benefits-deriving-from-the-presence-of-kia-in-europe-january

LE’s new report on the economic and societal impact of the presence of Kia in Europe finds that over 153,000 people owe their jobs to Kia’s business operations across the continent. Including customs duties, sales and corporation taxes, the report highlights Kia’s contribution of €934 million in taxes paid to governments across Europe during 2014, […]

The Economic and Societal Benefits Deriving from the Presence of Hyundai in Europe – January 2016

Client: the-economic-and-societal-benefits-deriving-from-the-presence-of-hyundai-in-europe

LE’s new report on the economic and societal impact of the presence of Hyundai in Europe underlines the increased number of jobs attributed to the carmaker’s European operations. Including those employed directly at Hyundai facilities or indirectly in the supply chain, sales and distribution, some 155,000 people owe their jobs to Hyundai Motor, compared to […]