The EU Single Market: Impact on Member States – December 2017

Client: american-chamber-of-commerce-to-the-eu-amcham-eu
Published: December, 2017

This study provides up-to-date quantitative assessments of the impact of the Single Market on five broad economic indicators (GDP , household consumption, business investment, employment, and productivity) in each of the Member States, and estimates the impact it could have in future, if integration was deepened by each Member State. The findings highlight that that […]

Study on Consumers’ Decision-making in Insurance Services: A Behavioural Economics Perspective – November 2017

Client: ec-dg-justice-consumers
Published: November, 2017

This study focused on consumers’ decision-making in the non-life insurance market when purchasing domestically and cross-border. It tested ways to help consumers make better decisions using a behavioural experiment, collected complementary data on the supply side of the market, and examined potential savings consumers could make.

The Economic and Societal Contribution of Hyundai and Kia in Europe – October 2017

Client: Hyundai Motor Company

This report provides a quantification of the economic and societal benefits deriving from the presence of Hyundai and Kia in Europe. The report draws on the most up-to-date data on the operations of Hyundai and Kia in Europe, as well as official and industry data sources. The focus of the report is on the direct […]

Smart Regulation and Professional Services – September 2017

Client: European Parliament
Published: September, 2017

This  Briefing, prepared for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament, uses the smart Single Market regulation concept to assess the development of policy for professional services regulation, specifically the European Commission Communication on reform recommendations for regulation in professional services [COM(2017)8290 final].

Study on the Functioning of the Retail Electricity Markets for Consumers in the EU – February 2017

Client: study-functioning-retail-electricity-markets-consumers-eu-february-2017

The 2nd Electricity Market Study investigated electricity market functioning for consumers in the EU, Iceland and Norway. It assessed how market performance has developed since the 1st electricity market study conducted in 2010, and the extent to which consumers have the necessary tools to make rational and empowered choices. Its findings offer a clear insight […]

Insolvencies and SMEs: the Role of Second Chance, Special Study, SME PERFORMANCE REVIEW 2015/16 – November 2016

Client: insolvencies-smes-role-second-chance-special-study-sme-performance-review-201516-november-2016

This companion study to the 2015/15 Annual Report on SMEs provides 1) a literature review of recent studies focusing on the determinants and impacts of SME bankruptcies and the economic impact of various characteristics of a bankruptcy regime; 2) a number of case studies on the issues faced by entrepreneurs when they went bankrupt or […]

Annual Report on European SMEs 2015/16 – November 2016

Client: annual-report-european-smes-201516

The 2015/16 SME Annual Report prepared by London Economics as part of the 2016 SME Performance Review (undertaken by a consortium comprising Carsa, DIW, DIW econ, Innova, London Economics and PwC) shows that in 2015 in the EU28 SMEs as a group have experienced growth in value added, employment and the number of enterprises. In […]

Impact of the Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) on the Access to Finance for Business and Long-term Investments – November 2016

Client: impact-capital-requirements-regulation-crr-access-finance-business-long-term-investments-november-2016

The Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) considerably strengthens the quantity and quality of the minimum capital that banks in Europe are required to hold. This study assesses whether increased minimum capital requirements, through observed changes in banks’ regulatory capital ratios, impact bank lending using data on a broad sample of banks in Europe, including for the […]

Consumer Vulnerability Across Key Markets in the EU: Animated Infographic – November 2016

Client: consumer-vulnerability-across-key-markets-in-the-eu-animated-infographic-november-2016
Published: November, 2016

Following the publication of LE Europes’ study into consumer vulnerability across the EU for DG Justice and Consumers, the European Commission has released an animated infographic which presents the key findings of the study, including the varying impact of vulnerability drivers across key markets.