The Danish Space Economy 2016 – June 2016

Practice Area:Space
Tagged: market studies qualitative analysis quantitative analysis Register-based data other international

The Danish Government commissioned London Economics and Rambøll Management Consulting to support their work to develop Denmark’s first National Space Strategy. This report was the outcome of this work. It helped bridge the gap in the government’s understanding of the downstream space sector and provided the working group on the Government’s Space Strategy the supporting information required to define the best space strategy for Denmark.

This report:

  • Estimates the size of the industry in terms of revenue, employment, gross value-added and export based on register-based data from Statistics Denmark;
  • Discusses areas of strength in the Danish space industry and among research institutions, including in terms of academic performance;
  • Presents examples of current domestic and international users and applications of space in public and private settings;
  • Estimates the socio-economic impact of space in Denmark; and
  • Discusses the strength of space relative to other domains in the Danish success at the European research programmes.

The first link provides the Danish language version of the report and the second link provides a summary version in English.