Support studies for the evaluation of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation – June 2020

Practice Area: Competition & Antitrust
Client: EC DG Competition
Published: June, 2020
Tagged: competition consumer behaviour

This study is part of the European Commission’s evaluation of the VBER and Vertical Guidelines and the main objective of the study is to provide qualitative and quantitative evidence on the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of the VBER and the Vertical Guidelines.

The findings of the study provide evidence-based grounds for a possible revision of the VBER and the Vertical Guidelines, through identification and analysis of provisions which may no longer be up to date with the latest market developments and business practices, and/or overlap with other provisions or give rise to possible inconsistencies.

The study mainly focuses on selective distribution, exclusive distribution, resale price restrictions, most favoured nation clauses and cumulative effects, while taking into account additional related vertical restraints, identified in the process of conducting the study.

The study combined a series of methodologies including a literature review, a targeted consumer survey, comparative legal analysis, stakeholder in-depth interviews and CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews), an econometric analysis of effects of vertical restrictions, and a series of case studies.

You can access the report here.