Regulation Reform Recommendations for Professional Business Services – July 2021

Practice Area: Competition & Antitrust
Client: EC DG Competition
Published: July, 2021
Tagged: competition

As part of a larger project for the European Commission’s DG GROW, evaluating competition in the professional business services markets, LE Europe produced a range of indicators on the extent of competition and market-based outcomes to help support the Commission’s Reform Recommendations into Regulations in Professional Business Services (PBS). The range of indicators include firm survival rates and concentration indices including the Herfindahl Hirschman Index, and cover the PBS sectors of Architecture, Engineering, Law and Accounting.


Work on the project entitled “Competition and its economic outcomes in selected business services professions in the EU: a refined methodology and a comprehensive empirical assessment” is ongoing but has so far developed a theoretical framework to evaluate underlying features of PBS markets and tie these into the workings of effective competition and market outcomes which affect consumers.

The full document can be accessed here.