Annual report on European SMEs 2015/16 – November 2016

Sector: Competition, Regulation and Business | Public Policy
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Document type: Report 
Tagged: analysis of economic developments forecasting quantitative analysis EC/EEA

The 2015/16 SME Annual Report prepared by LE Europe as part of the 2016 SME Performance Review (undertaken by a consortium comprising Carsa, DIW, DIW econ, Innova, LE Europe and PwC) shows that in 2015 in the EU28 SMEs as a group have experienced growth in value added, employment and the number of enterprises. In 2015 EU28 SME value added was well above its 2008 level while SME employment still remained below. Besides reviewing recent and expected developments in SME employment and value added, and in the number of SMEs in the non-financial business sector, the report also examines in greater detail the SME employment creation dynamics, the SMEs’ profitability and the SMEs’ export performance  in recent years in different Member States and economic sectors using both aggregate data from the Eurostat. In addition, the report examines the impact of the characteristics of bankruptcy regimes in the EU Member States on entrepreneurship.