Consumer behaviour and protection

London Economics’ Consumer Behaviour and Protection team comprises of experienced economists who specialise in the understanding of consumer behaviour and preferences and consumer related issues. Underpinning all our work is a strong commitment to delivering methodologically robust and independent analysis that meet the needs of our clients.

We are undertaking an increasing number of studies to analyse consumer issues across different consumer markets for regulators, national government, the European Commission, the European Parliament and private sector clients. Types of studies we undertake include:

  • Assessments of consumer switching behaviour
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour online
  • Testing consumer responses to labelling and packaging
  • Willingness-to-pay valuations
  • Consumer detriment and consumer welfare estimations
  • Contingent valuation estimations

We apply a range of techniques and methodologies in order to analyse consumer issues including:

  • Consumer surveys
  • Consumer choice modelling, including consumer switching
  • Consumer behaviour experiments, including choice experiments
  • Consumer satisfaction analysis,
  • Focus groups and stakeholder consultations
  • Mystery shopping exercises

We work closely with the Behavioural and Experimental Economics team to apply behavioural and experimental economics in the context of consumer behaviour and protection.

Common to most of the projects is the notion that consumer behaviour, consumer protection and the functioning of retail markets are closely interlinked: consumer behaviour and protection policies have important impacts on the functioning of retail markets and, at the same time, the functioning of retail markets has important welfare effects for consumers and lead to consumer protection initiatives.

Recent projects

  • Analysis of consumer decision making when searching for their rights online, for EC DG SANCO
  • Research on EU product labelling, for EC DG Energy
  • Investigation into differential price responsiveness among drinker types, for SABMiller
  • Regional variations in perceptions of customer service, for Ofgem
  • Analysis of potential impacts of stamp price increases, for Consumer Focus
  • Experimental analysis of consumer information on broadband speed and net neutrality, for Ofcom
  • Analysis of consumer behaviour in a digital environment, for the European Parliament
  • Study on consumers’ postal habits and needs, for ARCEP
  • Willingness-to-pay and consumer behaviour research in relation to digital radio switchover, for DCMS
  • Consumer Switching Experimental Economics Research, for Ofcom
  • Study on Consumer Detriment in the Area of Dynamic Packages, for EC DG SANCO

These examples are only a small sample of the publications of our team working on the consumer behaviour and protection. More information can be found here or directly contacting the head of the team.