Behavioural and experimental economics

LE Europes’ Behavioural and experimental economics team is at the leading edge of developments and application of the most innovative techniques in behavioural and experimental economics. We work across multiple policy areas: such as education, regulated industries – finance, gas, electricity and telecommunications – environmental policy reform and competition assessment.

Our highly-qualified behavioural and experimental economic consultants are committed to producing research using academically rigorous techniques, to deliver behavioural insights into consumer and firm behaviour where conventional economic techniques reach their limits. This includes:

  • The effect of consumer behavioural biases on the market
  • Competition analysis incorporating behavioural biases
  • The consequences of framing, branding, and pricing strategies on purchasing behaviour and consumer choice
  • Consumer churn and switching behaviours
  • Consumer and firm willingness to pay/accept
  • The impact of biased firm behaviours

Our Behavioural and experimental economics team combines other fieldwork methods such as surveys and focus groups with a wide range of cutting-edge behavioural science techniques to provide tailored advice to our clients. These  include online experiments, laboratory experiments, price framing research, field experiments, and contingent valuation.

With access to experimental laboratories in a number of European countries we can conduct controlled economic experiments and field experiments across Europe.  We have well established links with leading academics in behavioural and experimental economics who work directly with our core team.

Recent projects

Our expertise in Behavioural and experimental economics has been trusted by a wide range of clients, national, international and EU level, in the public and private sector. We present here a short selection of our publications, for more information, you can visit our publication page:

  • Advertising of Prices Market Study’ (for the Office of Fair Trading): A behavioural experiment that tested the effect different pricing practices, including drip pricing, have on consumer detriment, directly informing the OFT’s investigation into airline payment card surcharges leading to voluntary undertakings by the industry to include all charges in headline prices.
  • Dr Charlotte Duke was an invited speaker on behavioural and experimental economics  at The International Conference on Financial Services, hosted by the European Coalition on Responsible Credit and the insitut fur finanzdienstleistuingen Hamburg, available at here 
  • Deterrence effects of competition interventions’ for the Office of Fair Trading: Part of a wider study into competition interventions by the OFT, this behavioural experiment with firm compliance officers assessed firm responses to different fine levels.