About us

LE Europe is one of Europe’s leading specialist policy and economics consultancies. Alan W. Gray is the chairman of LE Europe. In addition to our head office in London, LE Europe also has offices in a number of European countries. LE Wales provides our consultancy services in Wales and LE-Europe in continental Europe.

Economists based in our different offices work closely together and most have experience of working across the group. This means that we can draw on a very wide range of experiences and skills.

LE Europe advises clients in both the public and private sectors on economic and financial analysis, policy development and evaluation, business strategy, and regulatory and competition policy.

Our economic consultants are highly-qualified economists with experience in applying a wide variety of analytical techniques to assist our work, including cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, policy simulation, scenario building, statistical analysis and mathematical modelling. We are also experienced in using a wide range of data collection techniques including literature reviews, survey questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. In addition, we have extensive experience of using official statistical sources and private sector databases, often in innovative ways.

LE Europe is committed to providing world class standards of advice and service to all of our clients.